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Introducing the powerhouse, Anushi Kampani, the visionary founder and driving force of the remarkable Social Media by AK.

Social Media by AK isn't just an agency; it's the first step to take into the world of digital marketing. Anushi's expertise include social media mastery, design brilliance, advertising, reels, and content creation that tells stories. 

A personal touch that transforms clients into cherished companions on this exhilarating journey. Anushi pours her heart into ensuring top-notch service without breaking the bank, guiding every client that has now grown to over 70+ Brands in just 5 short years.

Anushi's realm of expertise lies with young brands, guiding them through the social media intricacies. From crafting the perfect post to orchestrating larger-than-life campaigns, she navigates this digital cosmos with finesse. Her skill set isn't just a résumé; it's a roadmap that bridges the gap between startups and business giants, making her the go-to for all things social media and digital marketing.

Let's together raise our virtual glasses, and begin this beautiful journey of digital marketing together! An explorer of worlds both physical and spiritual, and the magic weaver behind Social Media by AK. 

The future is digital, jump right in!

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It was wonderful working with Anushi and team. They truly listen to what your vision for your brand is and are relentless in delivering nothing short of that. Anushi has always been very hands on and great fun to work with. In addition the entire team has great energy and they’re always excited to go above and beyond to help you grow. Thank you guys for everything you do.

Akanksha, Founder  - The Needletheory

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